We supply everything within mechanics and electromechanics.


OSWO AS has several CNC machining centers for milling and turning. Some of machining centers are equipped for automated / unmanned production by robotics, bar feeding and palette table. This makes OSWO AS competitive for production of both small and large series.

In addition to a modern machine park we have manual equipment including nut presses, thread milling, rotate, tumbling, grade etc .. We work in all kinds of steel, stainless, titanium, aluminum and various plastic materials etc. and have a good knowledge of preparation thereof.


In OSWO AS we have highly skilled employees and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of plate and welding work. We have modern CNC machines and we accept all kinds of production projects for most materials in sheet metal. We have efficient equipment for punching, bending, welding, assembly and painting. Short changeover times, our production lines as well suited for the production of small to medium series.


Department of coating and surface treatment has a modern paint facility. OSWO AS using powder technology and wet coating in order to comply with customer requirements ranging from “furniture finish” to heavy offshore specifications. A separate silk printing apply the products the customer logo, descriptions or other symbols. We can also take smaller portions for Teflon / Xylan treatment.

We have extensive cooperation with companies in the immediate vicinity which specializes in chromating, tinning and other surface chemical processes necessary to satisfy the demands of our customers.


We weld MIG TIG and flux cored wire, and weld most metals such as steel, aluminum, stainless and acid resistant.

From small to medium sized structures. Long experience with products for defense, maritime and offshore industry. You get the product delivered by approved WPQR and WPS, and material certificates. We also carry out NDT tests together with Inspecta.


In electromechanical department mounted electronics and mechanics in accordance with the specifications of the customer, before they are completed and tested. As a supplier we can stand for the manufacture of mechanical parts and purchasing of components. Here sewn together cable mats, screwed rack and connects ship consoles and control unit. We perform the cable industry, panel building, electrical installation of cabinets and consoles as well as assembly and test.

Using modern test equipment and skilled personnel, we produce according to international standards including IPC 620 standard.


In recent years OSWO AS built up its own design and construction department. With solid production experience, we can offer our customers cost-effective design, development, construction and industrialization of products.

We use 3D design and engineering tools SolidWorks and Inventor. 3D gives the customer benefits that visualization, verification, prototype, change, configuration and communication with more. In this way the product can be verified before the cost-increasing production starts.