Focus on satisfying customer requirements for quality.

At OSWO AS we have a strong focus on satisfying customer requirements for quality. All levels of the organization undergoes regular audits by external certification company, military, customers and internal QA department. The production process is ensured through documented self-inspection, first bit control, sampling and final inspection. The various departments have specific procedures for production, quality assurance and testing. Sometimes requirements for test and documentation drawn up together with the customer.

Oswo AS will be a safe and healthy work environment with a focus on Health, Safety and Environment. We are concerned about the environment around us. Everything that can not be used in production is recycled or pre-sorted and delivered to approved reception. All fluids from machines and processing facilities will also be delivered to approved reception for treatment and disposal. As part of cooperation with customers, we recommend environmentally friendly materials and production methods. We have good knowledge, including the European RoHS Directive.